Thursday, July 28, 2016

Video: Bill Clinton Lied In Democrat National Convention Speech - Says Dick Morris Former Senior Political Advisor

Hillary Clinton - Benghazi Hearings
Hillary Clinton - Benghazi Hearings

Bill Clinton gave a long speech at the Democrat National Convention about how wonderful Hillary Clinton is—painting a very rosy picture of her early life, how they met, and their lives together.

But Slick Willy's former Senior Political Advisor Dick Morris says it was filled with lies.

Ummm...ok.  So what did we expect—honesty?? 

Hillary has been caught in lie after lie—and astonishingly a large percentage of apparently uninformed American's are still supporting her.

Watch the video and see how these lies are dismantled one after the other by a Clinton insider.

And then—share this video with everyone you know.

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