Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Video: Socialist German Woman Doesn't Report Her Own Rape Simply To Protect Her Ideology

Just when you think the world can't get any crazier than it is—you run across a video like this one.

Selin Goren, a German woman who describes herself as a socialist and feminist, and who also happens to be a national spokeswoman for a Solid, a Leftist youth organization in Mannheim Germany—lied to the police and reported her rape by a group of men she believed were Arabic and Kurdish refugees—as simply a theft of her purse committed by a mixed group of males including a German man—all to protect refugees from being, as she puts it, "abused by the Right."

Later she finally went to the police and told them about the rape and retracted her lies about the perpetrators.

Then after her rape became public—instead of hoping that her report might protect other vulnerable women from her rapists—she felt the Right did in fact use her rape as ammunition for "hatred" against the huge influx refugees that her leaders are allowing to flood her country.

Video Screen Capture:  Selin Goren Describes Her "Infringement"
Video Screen Capture:  Selin Goren Describes Her "Infringement"

Feeling bad about that—she went on Facebook apologized to all refugees for reporting her own rape (which she can't even call by it's rightful name but refers to it instead as an "infringement").

Oh...and... she says she now feels like an offender.

It truly boggles the mind to try to comprehend her thinking.

Please watch the video below—or if you would like to read more follow this link:

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